This project is a small utility project for synchronizing a personal computer (PS) with a GPS receiver with a pulse per second output.

The 'BSD-style' license allows non-restrictive use for commercial and open source development.


How To

*The PPS signal is a TTL signal and not at RS232 voltage levels. This method has worked without a signal converter but if you so desire you can use a TLL to RS232 signal converter (~$50) before connecting to pin 9 of the PC serial port.

An example

In this example, the I/O port cable and the RS232 serial communications cable, RX COM1, are combined using a connector box. The PPS pin, pin 2 of the OEM3 GPS receiver's I/O cable, is connected to pin 9 of the RS232 communcations cable. The ground pins of the I/O cable should be connected appropriately in the connector box as well. A null modem cable is connected to the connector box and the user's PC. For details about OEM3 pin output refer to

Example Software Usage

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